Who we Are

Our Mission Statement

To fulfill Jesus’ command to love God and to “love your neighbor as yourself” by giving of our time, talents, and resources to address the spiritual, physical, medical, and educational needs of impoverished children and families in Nicaragua.


Community of faith

We are a voluntary community of faith called by God to serve in Nicaragua in alignment with biblical principles.

Providing hope

Our desire is to bring hope, through joyful service and compassion.

Nourishing Nicaragua

We are dedicated to supporting Nicaraguans in Nicaragua, sharing our resources with individuals, families, schools and churches in Nicaragua, rather than bringing Nicaraguans to the United States.


We go to Nicaragua as learners, respecting their culture.

Building Relationships

We will build and sustain relationships with churches, schools, and ministry leaders that allow for the sharing of resources with the poor of Nicaragua.

Fulfill God’s will

We will work together with churches, schools, and ministry leaders to mutually discern and fulfill God's will.

Responsible Stewardship

We are committed to responsible stewardship (100% of all donations/gifts to NRN go directly to Nicaragua) and a high standard of accountability in relationship to the ministries that we support in Nicaragua.

Supporting Leaders

We have made a long-term commitment to walk alongside the churches, schools, and ministry leaders that we support in Nicaragua.

Sacrificial servanthood

Sacrificial servanthood, with an attitude of humility, is a guiding principle of all that we do.


We believe in personal involvement between volunteers from the U.S. and their Nicaraguan brothers and sisters within in the context of the NRN community, relationships that align with and respect the mission and values of NRN.

Our Principles

  1. The NRN community will deliberately and intentionally be primarily a spiritually based community serving the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus as Lord. NRN will seek to walk alongside, be aligned with, and integrated into local churches in Nicaragua (as described by the meaning of Koinonia) since the local church is the entity that Jesus authorized to carry out His kingdom. All ministries and programs will have a direct connection to the local churches through which NRN is aligned.
  2. The ministries and programs in Nicaragua will be led by leaders from Nicaragua; NRN will walk alongside local churches, pastors, and leaders supporting them in their visions. The US side of the NRN community will not have the ultimate responsibility for ministries in Nicaragua.
  3. NRN will seek to be relationship based in all the ministries we serve.
  4. NRN will be community based through the churches we serve, locating ministries and programs in church communities we serve, providing ministry directly through the local church whenever possible.
  5. NRN’s mission is to provide resources that address the needs of those who are impoverished.