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Love your neighbor as yourself


We prefer the question WHO IS NRN?  First and foremost, we are a voluntary community of believers called by God to live out His love, mercy and justice in Nicaragua.  We have made a long-term commitment to serve in Nicaragua in alignment with the values of the Kingdom of God, with a focus on alleviating the harsh conditions of poverty that entrap many Nicaraguan families.  We do this by partnering with and supporting local churches and schools in Nicaragua.

What makes NRN Sponsorship Different

NRN believes in relational and incarnational ministry. We seek to always move toward those we serve through mutual partnership by walking alongside our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.


NRN is a voluntary community of faith, called by God to serve in Nicaragua in alignment with Biblical principles.

Community of faith

Providing hope

Sacrificial servanthood

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what makes us different

Shared challenges, shared solutions

NRN is committed to helping create sustainable life change and long term impact in Nicaragua. In our experience, this begins by ensuring a quality education in a Christian environment that is nurturing — yet challenging.

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Help us provide resources to aid improverished children and families in Nicaragua

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Write a sponsored student. We are excited to open up a new channel of communication for our sponsors. Please take a look at the letter writing guidelines.

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