How Are We Different?

NRN believes in relational and incarnational ministry. We seek to always move toward those we serve through mutual partnership by walking alongside our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters. NRN is called to fulfill God's command to love through long-term relationships, believing that transformational change happens when one individual, one sponsor, one community, one church is connected to another. NRN provides the soil for these relationships to flourish, as connections deepen over long-term, personal involvement.

NRN believes that personal relationship is the driving motivation for all decisions made within our community. We believe that all programs, structures and systems within the NRN body should facilitate the spiritual, relational, and incarnational nature of NRN, as we seek to emulate Jesus, the God who dwelt among us and made His Word flesh.

NRN is called to remain 100% voluntary, providing the channels for the resources you donate to have a direct, life-changing impact on those we serve.