NRN is a voluntary community of faith, called by God to serve in Nicaragua in alignment with Biblical principles.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Our Mission

To fulfill Jesus’ command to love God and to “love your neighbor as yourself” by giving of our time, talents and resources to address the spiritual, physical, medical and educational needs of impoverished children and families in Nicaragua.

Our Values

  1. We are a voluntary community of faith called by God to serve in Nicaragua in alignment with biblical principles.
  2. Sacrificial servanthood, with an attitude of humility, is a guiding principle of all that we do.
  3. We go to Nicaragua as learners, respecting their culture.
  4. Our desire is to bring hope, through joyful service and compassion.
  5. We have made a long-term commitment to walk alongside the churches, schools, and ministry leaders that we support in Nicaragua.
  6. We will work together with churches, schools, and ministry leaders to mutually discern and fulfill God's will.
  7. We will build and sustain relationships with churches, schools, and ministry leaders that allow for the sharing of resources with the poor of Nicaragua.
  8. We believe in personal involvement between North American volunteers and their Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.
  9. We are dedicated to supporting Nicaraguans in Nicaragua, sharing our resources with individuals, families, schools and churches in Nicaragua, rather than bringing Nicaraguans to the United States.
  10. We are committed to responsible stewardship (100% of all donations/gifts to NRN go directly to Nicaragua) and a high standard of accountability in relationship to the ministries that we support in Nicaragua.

The History of NRN

Many people have asked how this all began...we believe it was God who planted the idea in our hearts back in 1988. That was the first year a group of men and women from Northview Christian Life Church of Carmel, Indiana went to Nicaragua. With only the most basic tools, this little group rebuilt a church that had been destroyed during the Sandinista/Contra civil war in Nicaragua.

The idea was to commit to long-term, in-depth involvement in Nicaragua, building a bridge of resources and relationships between Nicaragua and the United States. A separate, not-for-profit entity known as the Nicaragua Resource Network (NRN) was established in 1996 by the Northview Mission Committee to serve as a channel for resources to aid impoverished children and families in Nicaragua.

Given the scope of possibilities and the tremendous number of needs and opportunities in Nicaragua, it became imperative to make some choices and to focus our efforts there. After much prayer and consideration, NRN committed to partner with several pastors and their ministries in serving the children and families in their respective communities.

These commitments go beyond meeting the spiritual needs of the people, addressing basic needs for adequate food, clothing, shelter, education and employment. Through NRN, we have been able to involve many individuals, groups, businesses and churches, working together to meet the identified needs and realize the ministry goals that these Nicaraguan pastors have set forth in their respective communities. This includes: the establishment of several Christian primary and secondary schools; a school sponsorship program through which nearly 2,000 children and young people are currently enabled to attend school and college; a vibrant medical ministry that provides health care for school children; two classrooms for children with Special Needs; and the building of homes for families in need of shelter.

The Board of NRN oversees all of the commitments, activities and expenditures of this organization. A number of churches are represented on the NRN board. Each individual serving on the Board has been called by God to be part of the work and ministry in Nicaragua. NRN is a completely voluntary, non-profit organization; there are no US paid staff positions and 100% of all funds contributed to NRN go directly to the work in Nicaragua.

US Ministry Partners

What started as a missions outreach program from a single church in Indiana has now spread to a network of more than 20 churches in five different states. Just like the early church, NRN has grown as passionate participants have moved from place-to-place or simply shared their experiences with others.

We have enjoyed working with each church partner as they define their unique ministry effort in Nicaragua according to their gifts, resources and calling. While the churches within our interdenominational community establish their own areas of ministry focus, each church shares a commitment to the mission and values of NRN.

It is a special joy to see collaboration between various church partners as they seek to increase the impact of their ministry efforts in areas like medical, special needs education and church planting.

The list of active US NRN ministry partners currently includes:


Catalyst Church, Pendleton, IN
Common Ground Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
Dayspring Community Church, Auburn, IN
Hope Covenant Church, Indianapolis, IN
LaGrange First United Methodist Church, LaGrange, IN
Maryland Community Church, Terre Haute, IN
North Park Church, Carmel, IN
Radiant Christian Life, Westfield, IN
River Oaks Community Church, Carmel, IN
Sonrise North, Fort Wayne, IN
Traders Point Christian Church, Zionsville, IN


Northbrook Church, Carleton, MI

North Dakota

Bethel Chapel, Carrington, ND
Calvary United Methodist Church, Fargo, ND
Cando Assemblies of God, Cando, ND
Salem Evangelical Free Church, Fargo, ND

South Dakota

Bethel Assembly of God, Rapid City, SD
New Life Assembly of God, Pierre, SD


Austin Christian Fellowship, Austin, TX
Grace Outreach Center, Plano, TX