First Annual
Back-to-School Day
September 30, 2018

Education is the way to a better future, and teachers make all the difference. For 25 years, teachers in our four NRN schools have provided a quality education and a better future for children living in poverty in Nicaragua. While 51% of children drop out of school by 6th grade nationwide, 75% of students who graduate from NRN schools continue to college with a scholarship. As a generation of graduates are now working and giving back to their communities, we see how our teachers’ impact reaches far beyond the classroom.

In this time of uncertainty in Nicaragua, each of our schools is even more important in the lives of the students they serve. Not only do our schools provide education for students, but they are a place of stability and emotional and spiritual support. We will do everything possible to keep NRN schools fully funded and open despite the challenges brought on by recent turmoil. Please join us to ensure we can support these schools and teachers for another 25 years!

In the spirit of staying committed to our students' future, we are starting an annual Back-to-School Day which will take place on September 30th. Back-to-School Day will mark the last day of a month-long fundraising drive for our schools. All donations will go to general school funding and will provide a much-needed salary raise for the teachers. Our teachers have remained faithful to NRN schools despite receiving a significantly smaller salary than public school teachers. To ensure we retain our quality teachers and they receive a fair and just salary, we need to raise an additional $100,000 per year.

Here is how you can help:


    Donate to our School Fund to sustain our schools’ futures and raise teachers’ salaries. If each NRN family donates $100 annually, or asks a friend to donate $100 annually, by Back-to-School Day on September 30, then we will be able to raise $100,000 each year to go to NRN schools. Remember that 100% of all funds donated goes to Nicaragua because of each of you and the many other volunteers who serve our friends and loved ones in Nicaragua. Will you consider giving $100 before Back-to-School Day? CLICK HERE


    We also need more sponsors! Student sponsorship is at the heart of all we do in Nicaragua. Currently, we are in need of 250 sponsors. If you want to learn more about sponsorship, CLICK HERE


    We need you to help us get the word out about Back-to-School Day!

    • Spread the word via social media by sharing and liking our posts
    • Ask a friend or family member to donate $100 before Back-to-School Day
    • Share your sponsorship story
    • Start a fundraiser within your company, community, school, etc.

If you’d like to write a check, please make it out to Nicaragua Resource Network. Indicate the check is for Back to School fundraiser on the check memo line or in a note accompanying the check. You can send the check to:

Nicaragua Resource Network

16162 Carey Road
Westfield, IN 46074